My Favourite Non Dairy Products

I gave up dairy 18 months ago, after I was diagnosed with MS. It was one of the first big changes I made to my diet, and it gave me results quickly. I had neuromyletis optica, and it improved significantly within a week of no dairy products. That had me sold. I blogged about the changes I experienced after 12 weeks of no dairy.

One of my favorite ‘side effects’ of going dairy free, is losing weight effortlessly. I had no idea how much saturated fat dairy contains! To be honest, I was never aware of the difference between saturated fat and other types of fat and what they do to the body.

Once I experienced the effects of no dairy, I never missed it. When I really began digging into what dairy does to the body, I had so many more reasons to never consume it. Read more here:

I am 4 months pregnant now, and have been craving all kinds of food! When I see food, I want to charge at it, howling like Tarzan!

So I decided to explore the non dairy section at Whole Foods, and found some fantastic products that I must share with all of you! I’ve linked each product even though I bought everything at Whole Foods. Just so you can read up on ingredients, or any other information.

I wanted to eat pizza! My husband and I usually substitute avocado for cheese on our homemade pizzas. However, now I wanted ‘cheese’! Most vegan cheeses contain palm oil or coconut oil, which is a complete no-no due to their high saturated fat content. I found ‘Go Veggie’ cheese, made mostly out of potato starch. We tried this on pizza, and the taste is so ‘cheesy’ we only need to use a little bit. See it here.


I use it in my egg white omelettes, and over pasta too.

My favorite milk is the Whole Foods ‘365 Almond Milk’. It is one of the few brands of almond milk that do not contain carrageenan which is a carcinogen.They carry a great almond chocolate milk, and flavored coffee creamer too. Find it here.


Chocolate ice cream was a favorite indulgence. I found this ‘Talenti Chocolate Sorbetto’. It’s creamy and delicious. It can be a little too sweet, so I like to top it with sliced almonds or pecans to balance the sweetness. It’s made mostly of water, cocoa and sugar. Find it here.


‘Kite Hill’ Yogurt is one of my absolute favorite finds. I was on the lookout for an unsweetened non flavored yogurt. And this is phenomenal! I use it as an accompaniment with curry and rice. It’s great for smoothies too! Find it here.



They have flavored yogurt too, if that’s what you like. They have some interesting flavors like key lime and pineapple, other than the regular vanilla, blueberry and peach.

Another favorite find was the Kite Hill cream cheese. These are to die for! Especially the Chive flavor. Like most vegan cream cheeses, this contains no oil.


These were my favorites, share yours in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “My Favourite Non Dairy Products

  1. Excited to try some of your suggestions! We will try every new non-dairy “dairy” product we come across, although to be honest disappointment has slowed our sampling rate considerably. I miss it but not that much. Kite Hill makes great stuff, the non-dairy parmesans are pretty good, non-dairy cream cheese is ok. Thanks for pointing us at and for the info on carrageenan; I had no idea! Terrible!


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