A Synopsis Of My Year On The MS Diet

Greetings dear readers! I am guilty of neglecting my blog. Some of you may know I had a baby last year, who is 10 months old now.

I have been wanting to come back to writing here, and I woke up this morning and decided, I will do this today. I am going to recap the past year or so. So here is what has been going on with life, with MS, and how I am doing on the wonderful OMS (Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis) program.

The past year has been a roller coaster. The one word that wholly describes this experience of meeting and being with my son, is ‘joy’. Needless to say, it is also so challenging, having a little person that needs all of you, all of the time.

I have been flying (I am a pilot), and teaching people how to fly airplanes. It has, lately, been so fulfilling. I absolutely LOVE watching someone’s face light up when I take them up in the air for the first time. I love watching them make their first smooth landing. (A photo from one of my flights is at the end of the post, with the Boston skyline in the distance.)

I have made some local mommy friends, and I don’t feel quite so isolated anymore (being away from family, who are all in India).

In general, I can’t say I have had much to complain about.

Am I still on the OMS diet? Yes. Am I relapse free? Not quite.

I came down with Uveitis when I was pregnant. It is a form of eye inflammation. The doctors could not figure out what caused it, and they said it is likely linked to MS. However, pregnancy is usually a ‘get out of jail free’ card as far as MS is concerned. Meaning that, when you’re pregnant, you should never relapse.

I think that getting Uveitis helped my figure out that one of my main triggers, for falling sick, is stress. And I believe all of us have our own triggers. Years ago, I read a book by Louise Hay called ‘You Can Heal Your Life’. She talks about how our diseases are linked to stress and emotions.

I do think stress plays a larger role than we realise, in us falling sick. According to Louise Hay, issues with the eyes, are linked to having difficulty viewing the past/ present/ future clearly. At the time I was diagnosed with uveitis, I was going through a difficult phase, where I had decided to let go of some toxic people in my life. I was having a very hard time assimilating the fact that people that have been quite close to me, are in fact, doing me no good, emotionally & spiritually.  In my opinion it’s no coincidence that eye troubles came about just when I was starting to ‘see’ things (people) clearly.

The purpose of this blog has been to (hopefully) help people see that we can make a difference to our lives, in spite of being chronically ill. We do have some degree of control. And the OMS program sums it up so well. A diet low in saturated fat, vitamin D, get some sun! Exercise, meditation and medication; whatever it takes to stay well.

I used to be a bit of an a**hole, rallying against medication. The truth is, steroids saved my eye sight, when I had uveitis.

MS, or perhaps life/ God has a way of humbling you.

I am grateful for my health. I am grateful, for each experience that has come my way, and taught me, to be a better person.

Be well!




2 thoughts on “A Synopsis Of My Year On The MS Diet

  1. I’m 27 years into MS and still walking. Little cane use, for anything more than 100 feet. I’m above ground and everything else is a bonus! You don’t live in Chicagoland, perchance? Would love to fly 2nd seat in Pipers or Cessnas like years past…


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