Breakfast: a celebration of food

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Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I like to take my time preparing and eating this meal!

I’ve noticed that when I skip breakfast, I eat carelessly through the day, and never feel satiated.

I start with a cup of decaffeinated herbal or green tea. Followed by a green smoothie, which contains spinach, granny smith apple, cucumber, chia seeds, lemon juice and tomato.

I recently bought a juicer, so at times, instead of the green smoothie I juice beetroot (I love beets!), apple, carrots and ginger.

On most mornings, I very lightly sauté at least five assorted vegetables in olive oil. I season them with flavorgod’s garlic lovers seasoning ( and finish it off with some lemon juice and fresh coriander. A handful or more of coriander (also called cilantro) consumed everyday removes mercury and other heavy toxic metals from the central nervous system. This makes it useful for people who want to detoxify after the removal of mercury tooth fillings, or for people who have been exposed to high levels of lead, during their childhood.

The vegetables are a side, so I’ll make either porridge as an accompaniment, or an egg white omelette. Once in a while, brown rice flour pancakes or cauliflower parathas (stuffed wheat bread).

This morning, along with the veggies, I prepared some pomegranate and a protein smoothie. I use egg white protein powder, with almond milk, assorted berries and a spoon of flaxseed oil (a source of alpha-linolenic acid, which decreases inflammation in the body).

Eating clean can certainly be delicious and fun!


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