I Don’t Need Your Pity

One of the reasons I don’t talk about my having MS, is because at times, it draws pity.

When faced with pity, it can be a bit perplexing. It doesn’t seem like this person really cares, and yet the words coming out of their mouth seems to suggest otherwise.

According to psychologist Dr.Hurd, pity is an emotion filled with contempt. Pity is not genuine empathy or compassion. Pity is based on the premise: “Your vulnerability allows me an opportunity to be superior.” The person feeling the pity wants at least one other person to know about it. “Look at me. I’m feeling compassion for this other person and want you to know it.” This enhances the feeling of superiority. “I’m feeling pity and I have at least one witness. This proves I’m a compassionate person. I’m SO good.”

Most often, I receive flak around the way I eat. Typically, “I feel sorry for you, missing out on so much.” I am taken aback every single time I hear that, because I eat a wide variety of wonderful food. The Mediterranean diet is known to be one of the healthiest ways of eating. Fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, olive oil, and sea food. I am lucky to be living in the United States where I have access to so many dairy alternatives.

I’ve never been this slender and active, thanks to the diet.

What’s wonderful is that times like these will clarify beyond a doubt, who your well wishers are.

I am fortunate to be healthy today, and every day. It is thanks to the support I receive from my small circle of loved ones.

A message to all the pity mongers – I see right through you.


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