Why vegan/vegetarian does not necessarily equal healthy

The belief that turning vegetarian or vegan, or even going back to being an omnivore is healthy, is rooted in stupid.

A vegan/vegetarian whose diet revolves around filling up on bread, flavored yogurt, cereal, and packaged juices is deeply flawed. Similarly, an omnivore whose diet revolves around gorging on bacon, beef and eggs is dangerous.

The number 1 food that is poisoning you right now is packaged, processed food. This is no secret. Salt, sugar and fat are hiding in these, to prolong their shelf life, or to enhance flavor. The quantities far exceed the recommended healthy daily intakes.

Eating clean has nothing to do with being vegan or being an omnivore. It has everything to do with incorporating whole, natural, unprocessed food into your diet.

It’s about moderation in each aspect. Moderate portions. Moderate seasoning. Moderation in consumption of meat/poultry/sea food.

When one is eating healthfully, excess weight sheds on it’s own, the body feels light and wonderful, bags under the eyes disappear, and the skin and hair shine.

I am all for each person following what their body needs. What I dislike is propaganda. If you’re heaving and huffing at the top of a staircase and then talking about how your food choices are better than everyone else’s, then you have another thing coming.


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